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Mission Statement

Putting our Patients and their relatives and carers first

Our aspirations are respecting the need of our patients and delivering to them evidence based quality services at all times.

We review our services on a regular basis in response to the comments and feedback received from our patients and colleagues in order to effect changes towards developing our services.

We are a group of dedicated healthcare professionals, delivering excellent services with care and support to our patients, relatives and carers.

Our values

  1. Respect
    We give priority to the need of our patient population and carers. We treat them with respect in every contact and support their wellbeing.
  2. Evidence Based
    We try our best to provide evidence based services and care as outlined by national and local guidelines.
  3. Quality
    We try our best to provide up-­‐to-­‐date quality services to our patients by updating our knowledge, skills and team work with our partners.
  4. Accountability
    We take ownership and responsibility for our actions and the consequences of those actions.
  5. Open and Welcoming
    We are opened to suggestions from our patients, relatives and carers and always welcome with respect and kindness, their comments and contribution.
  6. Team Work
    Our services are provided by a group of multi-­‐facetted professionals both clinical and management staff working jointly from our premises. We work very closely with the community healthcare and secondary care teams in our hospitals, together with mental health teams, social services and palliative care team to provide an integrated care to our patients to the best of ability.

What do we expect from our patients, relatives and carers?

We cannot provide a service of high standard without the help of our patients, relatives and carers. We make a polite appeal to you to support us by co-­‐operating with the following request:

  • Please do not fail to attend for your appointments. If you have any valid reason to miss one, please contact the surgery to cancel your appointment in advance.
  • Please be understanding and co-­‐operative with our staff. We will always be polite to you and we would appreciate if you could do the same.
  • We welcome your feedback. Our practice collects your opinion on various matters on a monthly basis through Friends and Family Test. Please help us to carry out this feedback.
  • Many of our patients, relatives and carers value and appreciate our services both verbally as well as in writing. It does obviously lifts up the spirit of our staff. Please continue to do this.
  • If you have any comment or suggestions, please let us know.
  • There is an in-­‐house complaints procedure accessible to anyone who like to make any valid complaints. We would investigate and reply to your own observations.

Date: 19/06/2015