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GP Data Sharing Changes

The Government has announced the 1st July start for GP data upload in England will now start on 1st September 2021.  Here is some information on the proposed anonymised data extraction from 1st September also explaining about Type 1 and Type 2 data opt-out.  This is distinct from data sharing for the immediate purposes of health care, for which privacy policy across practices in North East London can be seen here.

Type 1 opt-out

Type 1 PDF format or Type 1 Word format. Click on the links to download the form. Once completed please send the form to us. You can either hand it to the reception / surgery letter box or email it to [email protected]. We will then scan this into your medical records.

Type 2 opt-out

  • If you have children under 13, you need to fill in this form [PDF] and e-mail or post it back to NHS Digital – this form works for both you and your children.
  • If you have an adult dependant for whom you have legal responsibility, you must use this form [PDF] and send it back to NHS Digital on their behalf.