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Contraceptive Pill

New – if you have not had the contraceptive pill before please message us via our online consultation service and we will discuss this with you. Click here to submit an online consultation form.

Ongoing Contraceptive Pill Prescriptions

Before we can provide more of your contraceptive pill we need to do a pill check: this normally happens once a year and involves few safety questions, and may involve checking your blood pressure and weight. If you are happy with your pill and there are no issues raised by your answers we should just be able to give you another prescription for 1 year (made up of 2x 6 month batches) without an appointment with a GP or nurse.

If you are on the combined pill, you can walk in during our opening hours and use our SurgeryPod to check your blood pressure, height and weight. You can also go to your local pharmacy to get these readings or do it at home. Then complete the form below and a prescription will be ready in 48 working hours. The prescription can be sent straight to your pharmacy if you like.

Please note if you are on the mini-pill you can complete the form without giving us your blood pressure, height and weight.

Below is the list of mini- pills and combined pills:

List of contraceptive pills

Click on the following link which will take you to the online consultation form that you need to complete if you are due for a review:

Contraceptive Pill Review

Information on Contraception

If you would like more information regarding contraceptive services available in Tower Hamlets then you can go to the following website: All East Sexual Health Services